The Allergy Clinic

Referral Process: Canadian patients < 18 years of age with OHIP or Interim Federal Health Plan coverage must be referred by a medical doctor with their MOH number. 


Non OHIP patients or patients from outside of Canada are advised to contact our office directly for further direction.


A new referral is required for each new medical issue or if the patient has not been seen in the past 24 months.


A Pediatric allergist is specially trained to prevent, diagnose, and treat allergies and immunologic disorders in children of all ages. We offer cutting-edge treatments for a wide variety of allergic diseases.


We are Halton Region's only exclusively Pediatric Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Clinic. As such, we do not see patients over 17 years of age.

Vaccine Questions? 
 As per CPSO guidance, we are prioritizing virtual encounters where it is possible, appropriate, and safe to do so. Please do not come to the office unless advised.
Food Ingredients in Bowls