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Diagnostics and Management of seasonal, perennial and pet allergies

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Dust mites are tiny animals that you cannot see. They live in pillows, blankets, carpets and soft materials around the house. They eat dead skin that all people shed each day. For this reason, they are also called house dust mites. 

A dust allergy means you are sensitive or allergic to the waste of dust mites. This is a common cause of eye irritation, nose symptoms and asthma.

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Pollen allergies are common causes of nasal symptoms and asthma. Spring pollens include trees and grass. Fall pollens include weeds and ragweed. 


Mould spores can also cause the same symptoms. They appear as soon as the snow melts and are present until late fall. Spores are highest in July to August and on damp days.



The best management of pet allergy, is to remove the animal from the home.  If you keep a pet in your home, you must keep them out of the bedroom. You should also wash the walls as part of your home cleaning routine. Pet allergen particles also collect a lot more on carpet than on polished floors.  An HEPA air purifier may also be beneficial.


The number of pet allergen particles may be lowered by washing the animal and vacuuming the whole house on a regular basis.

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